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Statement of principles

United Europe Regular Grand Lodge is a federation of autonomous, sovereign and independent lodges which recognize and unconditionally apply the principles of regularly proclaimed by the United Grand Lodge of England (U.˙.G.˙.L.˙.E.˙.) in 1929.

United Europe Regular Grand Lodge is not confined to be just a simple organization, but tends to become a traditional and effective Brotherhood with the purpose to build the Humanity Ideal Temple, "asylum of peace and happiness not only for the Freemasons, but also for the other fellows, under the blessing of the Grand Architect of the Universe" (Constitution of Anderson, 1723).

Landmarks and traditional rituals are recognized and strictly enforced in all the lodges of United Europe Regular Grand Lodge, guarantor of this state is its Grand Council.

The purpose of United Europe Regular Grand Lodge lies in restoration of Masonic tradition, of our old heritage based on faith in God, immortality of the soul and serving those in need. Masonic tradition, as result of the ritual and symbolism, is the main source of Masonic law.